...using pictures


...or an incomplete guide how to obtain them

Just Ask Me

I can be contacted very easily, by e-mail. The address is sty@iki.fi. Some of the pictures are not mine. I'll forward the requests to the owner of course.

It's very polite to ask the copyright owner first if you want to use one or some of the pictures. Nobody has an automatic permission to do so, althought the people in the pictures have an explict right to use them (unless they have signed a 'release') but in that case also, they need to inform me.

There are a few good reasons to do so:

  1. I own them. They're mine. No using without permission. In case of commercial use, I need an compensation.
  2. I'll be very happy to know that people like my pictures and want to use them :)
  3. As a photographer, I know all my pictures and I might know even better picture suited for your use.
  4. I have the ORIGINALS. Those pictures on the web page are sized down considerably. You get much better quality out of printed pictures with the originals.
  5. I'll be happy to help you to crop/modify the pictures to make them more presentable.


Althought, it's a very efficent way to save your bandwith, it doesn't save mine. Sorry, no hotlinking. Normal linking is encouraged, but you still have to ask my permission.