My panoramas

Ikebukuro at night.
Hanami of 2004 at Narimasu park.
A view from our home terrace.
Eve of Christmas at my home town, Iisalmi. A view to the body of water surrounding the city.
A tapestry made of my uncle's boat.
A view from Fuji TV sphere at Odaiba.
The broadcasting tower of Tokyo in full glory.
Yet Another government building in Seoul.
A feeble attempt to make a panorama shot from Seoul.
View from bridge on the approach to Mt. Mitake.
Mountain range, from Mt. Mitake.
View from Mt. Otakejotain. Mt. Fuji can be faintly seen in the middle of the picture.
Rainbow Bridge from Odaiba around 9 pm.
Mountain range of Togakushi.