Buying pictures

Current prices

Yen 3,000 for A3 size
Yen 1,000 for A4 size
Yen 500 for smaller than A4, only at Ayase
Special sizes availabe

Shipping and Handling, approx. Yen 2,000 (prices may vary)

I print color pictures on Epson Semi-glossy Photo Paper with a high-end printer which uses pigment inks. Epson says that the prints should last for 70 years without any fading or other age-related problems if they're framed.

Black & White photos I print on Epson Photo Matte which is as high quality paper as the Epson Photo Paper.

Getting them

I can usually be found at Ayase class every Tuesday. Please note that I don't have 'free' unsold pictures with me. The pictures I have there are only for show or have already been ordered and I'm delivering them.

You can make orders there after viewing the quality and I'll bring them to you to next Ayase class or we can figure out something if that's not possible. There is of course no Shipping and Handling fees for delivery at Ayase.

For people coming to visit Japan, please feel free to contact me and order pictures before you even arrive here :). Then you will get your pictures in timely manner without any additional costs.

Please indicate clearly which pictures you want, size and quantity. Preferred way is to use the picture name as ID. It reads on the title bar of your browser, eg. 'BD5E2068-after'.

By Mail

I ship pictures overseas. I try to ship them during the same week but since I also have a day job and I train in the evenings, please allow 2-5 days of handling. I usually ship in hard, sealed tube which provides more than adequate protection from rigors of postal offices, if you order at least one A3 picture. If you order only A4's, they go in rigid envelope.

I can accept Credit Card by PayPal and Direct Money Transfers to either my Finnish or Japanese bank account. I can also accept Yen in nice envelopes sent to me but then you'll have to wait until I receive the sum. Please also note that postal offices around the world don't like sending money by normal mail.

For mail orders, minimum order size is Yen 5,000 worth of pictures (any combination).

Ordering, Contact

Please mail to me [email protected] for placing orders, payment details or any questions whatsoever.

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